When you let go…Let go.

I’ve realized letting go is a process of letting go and letting go again. I have “let go”per se but at times little fragments of the past float up into my thought bubbles throughout the day. I’ve learned to enjoy the feeling of memory. Whether it was a learning experience that may have been painful at the time, or a happy memory full of warm fuzzy feel good feelings, Embrace it and cherish every last memory.

They all combine to make the you that you are right now in this moment, Love yourself!


You’re going to die…

I know that we all know this but I wonder how differently you would live if you realized that we don’t know when that moment will be.

I always try and check myself in situations that upset me. I ask myself if the person with whom I’m upset with died today would this really matter. Almost always the answer is no.

I’m not saying we should just be passive and take whatever people give to us. I just know most of the “big deal” issues aren’t really important.

I think being honest and communicating with the person is good. Not holding a grudge or talking to everyone but the person you are upset with.

I find a lot of people come to me almost looking for validation for their feelings “I know I shouldn’t feel this way”. I always tell them that feelings are not open for opinion. You are feeling them for a reason. The thing to do is figure out why. After you truly figure out why you are feeling how you are address the issue with the person. Explain how they made you feel and why. Outside of that it is beyond your control. You are only in control of yourself. People are always going to make you mad, sad, you name it. It’s how we react that is important.

I know so many people that wish they could talk to someone for a minute, just to set things right. We don’t always have the chance.


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