Freedom, pay it forward

I’m posting this today for anyone out there that is hungry for truth.

Michael Badnarik is one of my favorite people and I’d like to share him with you.

I hope you enjoy expanding your mind and growing in truth.



Awakening is a journey taken alone

I love you, I hope you make changes throughout this day. The journey to our true self is lonely at times, but through it we find our best friend, ourselves.

I don’t know.

I find that most days my anytime almost every question’s answer is “I don’t know”.

Person•How are you?

Me• I don’t know.

Person•you’ll be okay! It just takes time.

Me• I don’t know.

I feel this awakening gray sandstorm in me and the rain falls from my eyes.

Nothing will fill this void.

I miss my Mom and I want her back.

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